Cooktops 101

Whether you have a gas hookup or electric, there are a lot of different options when you are looking to place a cooktop or rangetop in your kitchen.

Gas Range 101

When looking for a gas range or a dual fuel range, you have more to decide on than just the size. View our gas range guide to help you decide what you need in your new range.

Microwave Oven 101

There are more to microwave ovens than an appliance that sits on your counter heating up hot water. Check out all you wanted to know about microwave ovens here.

Refrigerator 101

Refrigerators are the first thing that you think about in your kitchen, but there are a lot of styles and options that you need to consider before that final decision.

Ventilation 101

We generally do not give a lot of thought to what is above your cooking area, but there are a lot of different things that go into making your house not smell like fish!