Sweet Suites: A Guide to Appliances Suites

When I was a kid, this was my Sweet Suite:

It was an appliance (note the tie in) that you could put a Tootsie Roll in, press down, and make an edible whistle.  It was an amazing product that, in retrospect, I can imagine added indelibly to my waist line, and my mother’s level of aggravation.  I guess this is not what you want to read about as you came here to learn about appliance suites.

GE Cafe Appliances

Appliance suites – There are so many versions within this heading, many of which are for people looking at complete appliance packages and then finding themselves married to one brand. This is something that you do not need to do! We will get to that in a bit.

With the real estate crash in 2008 and the pervasiveness of HGTV style television shows, we saw the birth of flippers. These are people who will by low to medium price homes, clean them up, do minor repairs and put in basic appliances so that they can then “flip” the home for a tidy profit. For the “flipper” it’s going to be, usually, a basic appliance package consisting of a range, microwave/hood combo, dishwasher, and refrigerator, all with the same appearance and basic performance level, and usually all within the same brand family.  Appliance manufacturers love to market within this category and will normally try to come up with an outstandingly priced package along the lines of $1299 ($1499 in stainless), as an example.  It’s perfect catnip for someone who wants a good looking package with basic performance, something they might not normally use themselves, but will aid in the marketing of their property. They can also be for consumers for which appliances just need to perform well, do their job and not brag about it. You will see these flippers also buying appliance suites a bit outside of that range as well for a house in a nicer neighborhood, or maybe a house that needs something above the basics, but this is an exception to the rule.

For the majority of appliance buyers, Sweet Suites are the smorgasbord of brands and products that best fit their needs.  They usually will be of the same brand, of similar finish and will tend to consist of good quality appliances that best fit their personal needs, and look great together.  Some consumers may want a higher end range and a more basic dishwasher, or a combination of higher featured/mid-featured/basic featured products that work well and look great together, and maintain their working budget.  Working with your sales person is the best way to collaborate on what works best for your individual needs.  Many manufacturers will encourage you to stay within their brand with consumer rebates that grow larger with added purchases within the brand. 

High end appliances tend to “suite” together naturally.  Brands like Wolf, Thermador, Monogram, and Viking will maintain a common thread throughout their branding, such as knob color, handle style, finish, nameplate, or other subtleties that will draw the package together, encouraging people to stay within the same brand throughout the kitchen.  Most will promote that opportunity through rebates that continue to grow larger as you purchase more within the brand.  

JennAir Noir Stainless Steel Cooktop Package

Many appliances are now coming “unbranded” or basically without an external nameplate and a more generic outward appearance so they can be used within any brand’s package.  It gives you an opportunity to use products from many brands in piecing together the package that best fits your needs without worrying about brand specific logos. I know that in my kitchen, I find the appliance that works best for the way that it will be used in my home. This can take my purchase of 5 different appliances into 5 different brands.

Our Metropolitan Appliance team has such a wide array of brands and products from which to choose, and most importantly, your best interests in mind.  We are not driven by quotas or manufacturer requirements so no ulterior motive to drive you towards a product that does not make sense for your project.  Our singular focus is to be sure you get what works best for your individual needs, and we will spend whatever time is needed with you to meet that goal.  Let us help you put together a kitchen that turns your project into your own Sweet Suite.

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