Introducing the HydroTap by Zip WAter

I admit it. I am addicted to water. More specifically, carbonated water. It started innocently enough with a San Pellegrino here and a Perrier there. Then La Croix happened. It was fizzy and flavored. The only bad thing out of this was that it was so very expensive! Now, I have settled in with a countertop carbonator for my fizzy water. It works, isn’t terribly expensive, and I have my water whenever I want! It is safe to say I love it and had no intention of changing this machine out for anything else. That was until we began carrying the Zip Water HydroTap. Now I am jumping at the chance to get this installed in my home. We are lucky enough in Seattle and the Puget Sound area to have some of the best water in the nation, and the HydroTap adds another layer to that to make it absolutely outstanding!

What makes this so special? How does this differ from a simple countertop apparatus? Well, let me tell you! The Zip Water HydroTap is an all-in-one water system. Filtered water? Check! Filtered boiling water? Check! Filtered cold water? Check! Filtered cold bubbly water? Check! It also allows you to just use your unfiltered tap water in hot or cold. All you will see next to your regular kitchen faucet is a HydroTap faucet, which is available in many colors and styles. It is also available as an all-in-one faucet (called the HydroTap Celcius) that combines it all! 

When looking for this fantastic machine online, you will come up with a competitor or two, and the most popular competitor is the Grohe Blue. While at first glance, it seems to be on par with the HydroTap, it is far from it! The HydroTap offers you filtered hot water, the option to have a separate font for your unit, as well as having the all in one faucet. The Grohe Blue also does not come in array of designer colors, finishes and styles that the HydroTap does. For me it is a no-brainer. The HydroTap is the far superior product.

So let’s look at how this actually works and does what it says. There is a self contained unit, The Command Center, that fits under your sink in the cabinet space. The tubing snakes up through a cut hole in your counter (or through your faucet space, depending on your model) which goes through the faucet. This faucet can be installed over a sink or a receptacle and drain for any waste water. You will need to connect the Command Center to the main water connection under the sink. If you will be installing this as an ancillary faucet next to your primary faucet, you will likely need to hook this up with a T-line connection. From there you hook up the Co2 bottle (which you can get refilled at your local brewery store) and after a few adjustments you are ready to go.

HydroTap Command Center

The Command Center is the brains of the entire system. There is a touch screen control that allows you to change settings that will make the unit more usable for you. This can be settings like dispense time, sleep when dark, vacation settings, time and date, energy modes and more. After the entire HydroTap is set up, you are good to go! Hot, chilled, sparkling and still. All available at your fingertips on your counter.

When it comes to the styling of the faucet that you install on your counter, you will likely find exactly what you need to match your kitchen’s style. The faucet itself is available in 4 different styles.

HydroTap font options and the all-in-one faucet option, HydroTap Celsius

The first one on the left is the HydroTap Classic. This is very much like your classic, in-counter hot water dispenser. However, we know this offers much more than hot water. The second tap is the HydroTap Arc. This gives you a more upscale and classic look to your HydroTap. The third is the HydroTap Cube. Much more modern, this faucet will match even the newest of décor. The final faucet is the all-in-one HydroTap Celsius. This tap will replace your current faucet and offer all of the features of the other HydroTap faucets, as well as just acting as a normal faucet.

The HydroTap Classic is available in three colors (Chrome, Matte Black and Brushed Chrome), while the other three are available in six colors: Brushed Chrome, Matte Black, Rose Gold, Brushed Gold, Nickel and Brushed Nickel.

Overall, the HydroTap by Zip Water is a fantastic in-counter option for water filtration, instant hot water, instant cold water, as well as instant cold sparkling water right at your fingertips! Stop by Metropolitan Appliance today to find out more from any of our fantastic Appliance Specialists. All of our top notch installation teams will be able to install this in your home within a week of the product arriving at the store. What a great way to update your kitchen!


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