Deep Dive into True Refrigeration

True Refrigeration: The brand says what they do! Your refrigerator will be cold and dependable. While you do not think you are familiar with this brand, I can assure you that you are. You have likely grabbed a cold beverage from a gas station or convenience store from one of their commercial refrigerator units.

True’s Commercial Beverege Refrigerator

Now, we are not going to be talking about their commercial units today, today its all about True Residential. The same quality and performance that your favorite restaurant or corner store has relied upon for decades is now available for home use! These don’t look like the traditional commercial units, your groceries will not be on display (Unless you want them to be!) and you will not have a refrigerator with three sliding doors. Trust me when I say you are going to love these!

True Residential has a wide range of built-in refrigerators and freezers to suit your space, and your design aesthetic. Lets start at the True 48 and the True 42. These are side by side refrigerator/freezer units that are either 42” or  48” inches wide. The freezer side will always be solid, and the refrigerator side can be solid or have a glass door. While they are available in stainless steel, they are also available in 9 other finishes and 6 hardware finishes.

The list of features that True has included in these refrigerators and freezers is mind blowing. While I will not go over every single detail, I do want to highlight a few.

  • All stainless steel, beautifully crafted proud hinges pass True’s rigorous one million door opening test.
  • Ramp-up, showcase interior LED lighting provides amazing illumination throughout.
  • Intuitive True Precision® Control and readout provides digital accuracy and easy operation.
  • Dual evaporator and dual compressor enables dedicated cooling systems for each zone.
  • Balanced, forced-air refrigeration system enables proper airflow and even temperature throughout to keep food fresh.
  • 4 adjustable/removable stainless steel encapsulated glass shelves.
  • 3 stainless steel soft-close drawer bins with polycarbonate fronts and integrated handles.
  • 3 adjustable/removable stainless steel door bins.
  • 3 adjustable/removable polished stainless wire shelves.
  • 3 polished stainless wire baskets/drawers with soft-close feature.

Ok, maybe that was more than a few, but, WOW! These are impressive! With all of the storage options, like stainless steel encapsulated shelves, stainless steel bins, and ventilated wire shelves, you can certainly do the glass front and your food items will always look organized and fantastic!

True’s column game is on point! This is where you can get really creative to design your kitchen how it will work best for you!

Those are your options. These can be configured in so many ways that your imagination can run wild! You can have two refrigerators side by side, a wine column and then a freezer. In the photo below, you can see that in this kitchen, you have the cobalt finish, with a side-by-side 48” wide refrigerator on the left and the standard 36” column refrigerator on the right, both with the glass door options.

Just to the right of this, there is a wine column wall, which is amazing for any up and coming sommeliers. They paired three of the 30” Dual Zone Wine Columns along one wall, creating a statement piece that your guests will ooh and aah over.

The wine columns are just as feature packed, if not more, than the other refrigeration units. They are equipped with dual zones in each column that are adjustable between 40 and 65 degrees. Interior TruLumina LED lighting that can be adjusted to any one of 14 colors. The glass is UV tinted to ensure that your wine is protected from harmful light. Full extension wine racks with unfinished cherry wood fronts that prevent vibration. There is also the display shelf to showcase your favorite bottles. All 15 racks are soft-close and are designed to fit a variety of bottle sizes.

That brings us to undercounter refrigerators, beverage centers and wine cabinets. These are the units that complete your indoor or outdoor kitchen. (Yes! These undercounter units are UL rated for outdoor use!)

You might need a bit more space in your kitchen for easy access to beverages for the kids, or beers for the parents. You may want to install refrigerator drawers for, again, easy access for kids snacks or whatever you use regularly. Undercounter refrigeration is all about easy access to what you use most without having to go into the large refrigerator, which helps keep your larger unit more organized. True also makes every man cave’s dream, a built-in beverage dispenser. These  beverage dispensers are available in single or double tap versions which can accommodate:

  • Single tap unit accommodates (1) short 1/4 barrel, (1) slim 1/4 barrel, or (1) 1/6 barrel.
  • Dual tap unit accommodates (2) 1/6 barrels, or (1) slim 1/4 barrel and (1) 1/6 barrel.

You can see in the image below all of True’s undercounter offerings used in an outdoor kitchen setting. All of True Refrigeration’s color options are available on all of their products, from columns, built-in refrigeration as well as outdoor and the ice maker.

Metropolitan Appliance in Seattle is your exclusive retailer of True Residential in the Puget Sound area. We have a new beautiful display in our store so you can truly experience how well built and designed all of these appliances are. Stop by the showroom any time and our amazing Appliance Specialists will be able to answer any questions you have or help plan out your dream kitchen!


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