Cast in Fire Part 2: AGA Mercury and Professional Ranges

Now that we know the storied history of AGA across the world, we will dig deeper into their offerings. In addition to the Classic AGA ranges (which we will get to in our last part of this series), they offer more modern and straightforward appliances too.


The AGA Mercury Range is AGA’s most modern and contemporary offering in its line of ranges. The Mercury range, available in the six colors shown below, is truly the statement piece in any luxury kitchen. This unit is still designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom and employs a substantial number of technological advancements. The Mercury is available in two sizes, a 36” width and a 48” width, each with its own unique finishes and features. The brushed stainless steel knobs add elegant detail to the front of the unit.

The 36” Mercury range features a multi-function oven with seven settings including true European dual-convection cooking, fan-assisted baking, browning, thaw & serve, convection broiling, warming and conventional cooking. The oven is also quite large, at 7.5 cu. ft. Included with the range are three telescoping glide out racks, one of which has space for two cooking tins that nestle into the rack to easily cook or store cooked items. There is also a dual broiler in the oven as well as a full width broiler pan and trivet that easily adjusts on oven runners and is great for broiling or grilling in large batches. As with every 36” AGA range there is SO much cooking space in this oven.

The cooktop on the 36” Mercury features 5 sealed brass burners that range from 6,000 to 17,000 BTUs that ensure you can cook anything from simmering to sautéing with ease. The sealed burners also make sure that any spills on the cooking surface are easily contained and easy to clean. The cast iron grate is continuous and locks into place which makes it easy to slide pans across burners and gives you the peace of mind that it will not move or shift when cooking. The grates are also finished in a matte texture and are extremely easy to clean.

The 48” Mercury is both similar and yet very different from the 36” ranges that we just discussed. The cooktop still has the same 5 burners, just spaced out further so that you have more room to cook. The range includes an 11″ diameter wok ring made of semi-gloss black enamel coated cast iron to cradle a large wok on the center burner keeping the wok at the perfect height for focused heat distribution.

The big differences in this range are in the oven. Or, I guess I should say ovens. The oven space on this model goes up to over 6 cu. ft. spread across 3 oven spaces. The largest of the ovens features a 7-Mode Multi-Function™ that is tailored to your cooking needs with Defrost, Convection, Convection Broiling, Fan Assist Bake, Conventional, Browning and Base Heat. This is great for general baking. The next oven space is a true European convection oven, great for all baking and pastry needs. The smallest of the three ovens is the powerful 8 pass, 2,300 watt broiler that heats up in as little as five minutes. It also features the Glide Out Broiler System™ with Full and Half Broil mode to provide complete coverage with 4 adjustable heights and extendable gliding tray spacious enough to cook six 6-oz steaks at once!

Now, while both of these ranges have been available in dual fuel, meaning gas range and electric oven, the Mercury is also available with an induction top as well! (Click here to read our blog on induction cooking) The oven in the induction Mercury remains the same as the gas version. This 5 zone induction top is equipped with a boost of power in each zone, which allows water to boil faster and it will heat up your pan quicker as well. These zones also feature pan recognition, which will turn off the zone when a pan is removed.  Each burner has 9 temperature settings, residual heat indicator, low temperature and simmer settings and a child safety lock.


In order to keep in line with the current trends in the appliance industry, AGA had premiered the Professional version of their ranges for their customers that are looking for a more professional kitchen design.

Again, we are looking at the same features and options on this range as the other two ranges that we have looked at. You will notice a different knob set up with a digital display on the front of the Professional model. The Professional is also available in an induction version as well. One of the larger differences between the previous models and this Professional model is that it is only available in a stainless steel finish and it does not come in the larger, 48” size.

We currently have the Mercury 36” dual fuel range in gloss black on our sales floor, if you would like to experience this in person. If you have any questions on the AGA line of ranges, please do not hesitate to text, call or webchat with us on our website at Our knowledgeable and helpful Appliances Specialists will be more than happy to help you with any questions you have.

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