Deep Dive into LG Refrigeration

Since our outlook on receiving LG refrigerators right now and in the future is looking really good, we should talk about LG, what makes them different, and which would be the best LG refrigerator for you. And your home.

LG came to the forefront of the American consumer in the mid-nineties and has since become one of the most reliable brands on the market, giving brands like GE, Whirlpool, and KitchenAid a run for their money. That is an accomplishment that has been hard earned over the decades as they have made their appliances much more technologically advanced while at the same time making them last longer. This is virtually unheard of in today’s appliance market.

As you can see on the Consumer Reports list below, LG is the top of the pack when it comes to French-Door refrigerators. Ekeing out even GE for the top spot with their LFC22770ST, which we will detail below.

This commitment to making the best appliances on the market, really shows through in their refrigerator line up. LG makes refrigerators that range from compact apartment style units to built-in refrigerators. 

Within the LG brand , you will have the following refrigerators: French Door, Side-by-Side, Top Freezer, and Bottom Freezer. (To help you decide on which style of refrigerator will work best for your needs, you can read our Choosing a Refrigerator blog)

Starting with the Bottom Freezer refrigerators, these, along with the next category, will be their lower priced tier. They are still built amazingly well. Out of the 6 available refrigerators in this category, I want to concentrate on one that is a space saver. We know there are a lot of smaller kitchens out there and being in Seattle where space is limited, this unit can be a good choice.

The LG LRBNC1104S is an 11 cubic foot refrigerator with a slim profile and a stainless-steel finish. At just 24 inches wide and 67 inches tall, you will be able to place this in many spaces in your kitchen. You might think the space in this will be very limited, and while it is only 11 cubic feet, the interior is made so it is well organized as you can see below.

LG 11 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator, Left Angle Doors open, LRBNC1104S
LG LRBNC1104S Interior

The next category that we are going to look at is the Top Freezer Refrigerator. These are what a lot of people will think about when they think “refrigerator” and is likely what a lot of us grew up with.  This is also what is commonly referred to as an apartment style refrigerator, as they are often found there.

The LG LTCS24223S is a 24 cubic foot unit with an automatic ice maker in the freezer. With LG’s styling, you get a sleek and stylish profile, something that you will not see on other refrigerators within this category. When looking at the interior, you will see LED lighting, an airflow system which ensures freshness of your vegetables. Given the size of this unit, you will have a great amount of space to store anything for any sized family.

As we move into the side-by-side category, you will see some design differences that you may not have seen in this category of refrigerator before.

This LG LRSXS2706V, for example, has a design element that matches the height of your counter. This is a 27 cubic foot refrigerator and freezer with what LG calls a smooth touch ice dispenser. 

LG 27.2 cu ft Side by Side Refrigerator with SpacePlus Ice Platinum Silver  LRSXS2706V - Best Buy
LG LRSXS2706V Ice dispenser detail

This unique design allows you to softly touch your selection of ice or filtered water. This gives you ease of use and a modern update to traditional ice dispensers. It is also available in white, black, and stainless steel. The color shown above is LG’s Print Proof Stainless Steel.

One thing that LG has done that has become their signature on refrigerators is the door-in-door refrigerator panel. More often than not, this is a glass panel in front which, when knocked on twice, turns on an interior light so that you can see what is available inside without opening the door and using more energy. It is also a prime spot to place your most used items to reach easily, such as creamer, orange juice or your favorite hot sauce! If you are someone who does not want to show the inside of your fridge to everyone, they offer this feature with a solid door as well.

This is LG LSXC22396S, a 22 cubic foot counter depth refrigerator with InstaView door-in-door which also has Wi-Fi and in door ice and water! This is a powerhouse for a counter depth fridge with so many features and it is one of our favorites as well as a best seller.

Now, we move onto French door style refrigerators. This is, by far, the most popular of all refrigerator styles that we are talking about. Given the style and design of the French Door refrigerator, it will give you much more usable, flexible space. You will not be as constrained on your width, which means deli and party trays will fit effortlessly into this fridge.

Our first LG French Door refrigerator will be the LG LFC22770ST which has 22 cubic feet of usable space. This will be one of the better deals you will find for a reliable, no frills French door fridge. While this refrigerator has an ice maker in the freezer, it will not have in-door water. It does have a great air circulation system, called LG Smart Cooling which keeps your refrigerated goods fresher, longer, using strageically placed vents throughout the refrigerator. As mentioned above, this is Consumer Reports top pick for French Door Refrigerators.

 If you are looking for a fridge with a few more features, we find that this French door fridge is the best choice. 

This is LG LRMXC2206D, which is 22 Cubic Feet, counter depth with 2 freezer drawers. As you can see this also has an in door ice and water dispenser. What you cannot see, is that this also comes with LG’s Craft Ice. Craft Ice can be used in any drink or cocktail, with the benefit of melting more slowly since it is an ice sphere. This refrigerator is shown in Black Stainless Steel, which is a very unique look and is a great addition to many kitchens!

The LG Craft Ice Maker Makes the Best Ice for Cocktails
Detail of the LG Craft Ice, featured in LG LRMXC2206D

The French Door refrigerator that we are going to talk about now is my absolute favorite. It is LG LRMVS3006S which is a 30 cubic foot refrigerator with a flexible drawer, Craft Ice and InstaView Door-in-Door access. You will also have your traditional ice and water dispenser that delivers you cubed or crushed ice.

The flexible drawer has 5 different temperature levels from -7 Fahrenheit  for hard freezing items, 29 degrees Fahrenheit for soft freezing items like ice cream, 33 degrees for drinks, 37 degrees for meats and snacks and then 41 degrees for wine storage. It is so useful and it is great to have this additional flexibility. Given that this is a full depth refrigerator, you will still have plenty of room for your freezer items as well as for your refrigerated items.

Whatever LG refrigerator that you choose, they are all reliable and high-quality refrigerators that will last you a long time. If something does happen to go wrong though, you can always call Metropolitan Appliance and our Customer Service department will act as your liaison to contact LG and have LG’s servicers come to your home to assess and repair your refrigerator. If you have more questions on LG refrigeration, please feel free to reach out to one of our Appliance Specialists via phone, email, webchat or text and they will be more than happy to help you with them.

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