Ouch! A Buying Guide for Scratch and Dent Appliances.

Everyone wants to save a dollar, especially on appliances where those dollars in savings can add up to hundreds! One of the best ways to do that is to invest in scratch and dent, floor model and clearance appliances, where often you will still receive the original manufacturer’s warranty.

Display or Floor Models:

floor model

I would first like to talk about display appliances, or “floor models”. Many of these appliances are new and on display and will only have been touched when people look at that specific model to get an idea of storage or size. After some time, we will want to bring in new models of appliances, or different models within the manufacturer’s lines and the products that we have on the floor will need to go somewhere! Since these are “out of box” appliances, vs. “new in box”, discounts are taken because a lot of consumers usually want something new and we are eager to reclaim that display space. The point being is that these are new items, usually never been plugged in and only looked at. These can be some of the best values in appliance stores like Metropolitan Appliance.

We love to sell floor models since they are new, so we know that there will be no issues when you take delivery on the item. Which brings me to delivery. Since these items are definitely in stock, they can be delivered much sooner to you as all “new in box” appliances need to be ordered and that process can take up to two weeks, or longer if the item is in high demand and/or really unique.

As a general rule, you will see discounts from 10% to 15% on these display items. This may not seem like huge savings, but when you are looking at a $2500 refrigerator, those dollars keep adding up! The longer that we have had an item on the floor for display and to the extent that the unit is showing some wear, generally the higher the discount will be.

Scratch and Dent Appliances:

Scratch and Dent

Ah, scratch and dent. An appliance retailer’s nightmare. We go to deliver a brand-new appliance to a customer’s home, unbox the brand-new unit, and BOOM! a huge dent is discovered in the side of the refrigerator, which happens to be exposed in the homeowner’s kitchen. Obviously, we are not going to leave this with a customer who does not want it, so we will take it back to the store and, if we are not able to replace the part to make it perfect, off to our scratch and dent room it goes.

So, let’s think about the previous situation. This perfectly good and brand-new refrigerator, fresh out of the perfect box (which suggests no trauma in shipping) and right from the manufacturer, has a dent on the side of it. I know in my kitchen, my refrigerator goes into a recessed opening which would hide the dented side. For me, this would be a perfect situation! Will this work for you? Maybe! These can be a great way to save some money while at the same time getting a functionally perfect product.

Think of the scratch and dent section like a treasure hunt. You never know what you will find, or really, what you will be willing to accept in a scratch or dent appliance. You may not think that you could live with a dent on your dream range, but when your dream range is marked down by 20%? That could change your mind!

Again, as with the floor model items that are for sale, please ask our sales people what items are on sale because of scratches or dents in the product! We will be more than happy to help you save those dollars any way we can. You will see prices with discounts up to 20% on the scratch and dent appliances. If there is more severe damage, while not affecting the function of the appliance, the discount could be more. All manufacturers warranties apply on these items as well.



Clearance models will be on our sales floor and potentially in our boxed inventory for many reasons. They could be discontinued by the manufacturer and no longer available to order, so we really do not need to show it to someone to purchase. The item could have been ordered by mistake. Hey, we all make mistakes, these are just the ones that you, our customer, can benefit from! The item could also have been returned to us by the customer for any number of reasons, from the item not looking right in the kitchen, incorrect measurements (product didn’t fit through doorways or in the space), or the customer’s needs changed after ordering.

Clearance models differ from floor models in that they are generally not going to be ordered again for display or they are no longer manufactured, or they are customer returns. All floor models will only be that, floor models of current items. It is possible that a floor model becomes a clearance item, if it has been discontinued.

Things to take away:

  • There will generally be a special area where at least one of these three categories are. Always ask your sales person!
  • All the items that we have talked about will be guaranteed to be fully functional
  • The original manufacturers warranty will be on the item when it is purchased
  • If there are problems with the appliance, always call us first, as we will work directly with the manufacturer to help you
    • It is possible that while your appliance will be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, we will refer you to a licensed repair company in your area that will work on that brand on behalf of the manufacturer
  • There are always deals to be had as long as you’ve got some flexibility in what you’re looking for!

Always keep in mind that no matter how great of a deal this is, it is not a great deal if you are not 100% happy with the appliance. Please make sure that the item has what you are looking for and the features that fit your lifestyle!

As always, our end goal is to make you as satisfied with your purchase as possible. If your goal is saving money on fantastic appliances, we can do that! Above all, just let us know what you are looking for and we will be happy to help!

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