New Product Introduction: SubZero 36″ PRO36G Built-in Refrigerator

The new Sub-Zero PRO3650G (Glass Door Model) and PRO3650 is officially my new favorite built-in fridge on the market. I had the chance to experience this marvel of a fridge in person and I was not disappointed; in fact, I love everything about it! Our local distributor, Bradlee, in Seattle currently has it prominently on display. Before I delve into this amazing fridge, I would like to share a little about the history of Sub-Zero as most of you may not know how they came about and what makes them special.


The Founder of Sub-Zero, Westye F. Bakke, had a humble start as one of ten children born on a farm in Northern Wisconsin. After inventing a front ski motorcycle (great for Wisconsin winters) which he sold to Canada’s Northwest Royal Mounted Police, he moved to Madison, Wisconsin to work as a salesman for Fridgidaire.

His ideas and experimenting started in the 1930s.  Like any inventor, something inspires or motivates them to find a solution to a problem; Bakke was no different. He wanted to find a better and more consistent and dependable way to store his young son Bud’s Insulin due to his juvenile diabetes. At the time, Bakke couldn’t find any freezers able to reliably and consistently preserve food and medicine at sub-zero temperatures. 

Seven Decades of Innovation in Food Preservation & Refrigeration

In, 1943 he finally made his first free standing freezer out of scrap metal in his basement. He even bent to cooling coils bare handed; cool right? By 1945, he introduced Sub-Zero to the world. It was the first freezers at the time to go down to sub-zero temps and hold those temps to consistently preserve food and medicine. From that point, the rest is history as they say; but Sub-Zero has never stopped producing and innovating the finest and best performing built-in Refrigeration product.

Westye Bakke passed away in 1973 and the business was taken over by his son, Lawrence “Bud” Bakke. With the incredible growth and innovation these two men made of SubZero, it is now known as the gold standard of food refrigeration and preservation in the industry. Currently Jim Bakke, Westye’s grandson, is running the company and I am sure he would be very proud of his grandson for carrying on the legacy of Sub-Zero. 


Sub-Zero never focused on volume and price like other competitors, they focused on reliability and performance as the main goal in the beginning as well as today. In fact, did you know that Sub-Zero is the ONLY privately owned high end appliance manufacturer in North America? It’s one of the largest national, privately owned family brands today. 

SubZero Advertisement from 1966

Every Sub-Zero is made to last at least 20 years and thoroughly tested before leaving the factory. Their customers can easily back up this claim, and they do so proudly, as there are still so many models in homes from 20 years ago that are still working. In fact, if you do some digging, you’ll find customers with Sub-Zero models over 30 and 40 years old, still preserving and keeping their groceries fresh!

From personal experience, I know this is true! I ask all of my customers who are replacing a SubZero, how long they have had it. Sure enough, most are 20 years old or older. I do get some customers who’s Sub-Zero is only 12-15 years old and they simply want to update their kitchen and model even though it still works great. This is quite impressive given that your average kitchen and laundry appliance today last only 8-12 years on average. If you’ve ever owned a Sub-Zero, please don’t expect every other brand to last as long and be as reliable. 

One reason for this quality and durability, is that every Sub-Zero model is proudly made in The U.S.A., either their flagship factory out of Fitchburg, Wisconsin. SubZero has two other factories that are located in Goodyear, Arizona and Richmond, Kentucky. 

This history of quality and reliability is the reason people continue to buy Sub-Zero after 70 years and are willing to invest more money into their products versus other brands.


TWO COMPRESSOR AND CONDENSORS ARE BETTER THAN ONE– The difference in what has made Sub-Zero so unique compared to its competitors is how they have pioneered the dual refrigeration technology. What this means is that Sub-Zero has two beefy compressors and condensers. This technology creates the best atmosphere and optimal preservation conditions for fresh and frozen food. The cool, moist air of the refrigerator keeps food fresher and lasting longer, while the frigid, dry air of the freezer prevents frost and freezer burn. This creates a true freezer and refrigerator system that does not allow the air to be shared between the two as they are sealed off from one another. 

AIR PURIFICATION DIFFERENCE – Sub-Zero has a very unique air purification system that was inspired by NASA. This filter scrubs the air inside the fridge every 20 minutes to remove odors, mold, viruses, bacteria, and most importantly the dreaded enemy of produce, ethylene gas. Ethylene gas is a natural compound that is released from ripening produce that spoils other produce. That is why if you place an avocado and an apple into a closed paper bag, the avocado will ripen much quicker than if left on a counter.

SUB-ZERO MICROPROCESSOR – This microprocessor controls the interior temperature to within one degree of its set point. Having this accurate and consistent temperature is key to preserving your food. This technology along with the magnetic doors and superior seal system on Sub-Zero units prevents leaks and also saves energy. The seal system is so good that customers have reported their frozen food still frozen after days of a power outage. 


The quality of the stainless steel used is great on all SubZero units. The outside hinges really stand out as beefy and commercial in quality while looking elegant enough in design with smooth rounded edges perfect for residential kitchens. Once you see the PRO3560 model in person, you’ll understand how it weighs a whopping 650LBS. To fully understand the quality and amount of high-grade stainless steel and parts in this fridge, just compare it to the 36″ built-in bottom freezer single door LIEBHERR model CS2080that only weighs 382lbs or the FISHER & PAYKEL built-in single door bottom freezer model RS36W80RU1_N which only weighs 355lbs. 

While the PRO3650G has all the features of the classic 500 series that made Sub-Zero the most respected built-in refrigerator in high end appliances, it is the full stainless interior that really sets it apart from other models. The glass door model is outselling the solid door version and I can see why. The LED lighting has three lighting levels, another feature you don’t see in other models. You can turn the light off as well, so you don’t see through glass. The deli/platter tray fully pulls out on a smooth ball bearing rail system which makes access very easy. 

The door feels solid and smooth when opening and closing. The split shelves are easy to arrange to your liking and the removable bins can be placed under the top or bottom shelves for extra storage. The pull-out, stainless steel interior crisper drawer is well organized and deep enough for almost any type of produce. It has a smooth glass cover that pushes all the way back for easy access. 

The number one complaint I get with refrigerators from my conversations with customers is with the design of the interior and lack of quality in the shelving and produce and deli bins. This fridge has none of those issues and will please anyone looking for that commercial quality they find lacking in most units in the industry. Now to be fair, all built-in refrigerators have far superior interior quality shelving and produce/deli bins compared to free standing fridges, but Sub-Zero leads this pack with this model. 

We all know that stainless interior dishwashers are better due to the fact that they hold in, last longer, and are better at resisting stains and mold, mildew, and odors. 

As far as installation, It can be flush installed up to the hinge but I think the standard install looks better, and it’s also the only model that looks beautiful from all sides if installed free standing in an open area. 

For those in the market for a Sub-Zero, it’s an easy call to make having had personal experience with this refrigerator. I cordially invite you to our showroom at Metropolitan Appliance, where there will always be someone to show you around and help consult you on your next appliance purchase pressure free. We’ll be happy to answer your questions about Sub-Zero and the new PRO3650G. I have also created a downloadable PDF of some of the features of this SubZero, available for you below to print for your reference.

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