Beyond the Basics: Unique Appliances

There are the 4 basic appliances that are installed in most kitchens:

  • Range
  • Dishwasher
  • Vent Hood
  • Refrigerator

As technology has progressed, there have been more and more innovations to introduce new options beyond these basics with the goal being to make the kitchen (and life) that much more convenient for us. From having a microwave that can also quickly produce Gordon Ramsay-approved pastries to a steam oven that produces fish like that of a Michelin Star restaurant, manufacturers have upped the ante on providing products that no one would have ever thought of just 20 years ago.


Now, you may have seen steam features in most new washers and dryers but most of us would not think that steam could be an everyday helper for our clothes beyond these existing applications. When people think steam, we usually attribute it “wrinkles” and that’s it, but there are so many other features that we can utilize it for. This appliance is on my personal list of future purchases, as I was blown away by the versatility and functionality of this unit.

Having the need to refresh dry-clean-only clothing like dress jackets in between dry cleanings is something not many people would have considered before the advent of the LG Styler, but once put into service, you’ll discover how much less frequently you’re needing to have your clothes dry cleaned.  The Styler not only dewrinkles but it injects a fresh scent into the clothes breathing new life into them and reducing the number of drop-offs and pickups at the dry cleaners.

If you prefer, you can also add a scent laced filter to add a hint of freshness to clothes as well. However, I do need to admit that my motivations for purchasing the Styler is mainly for its sanitization features since I have a full household of dogs and with that, dog smells… ick! Dog beds, dog toys and even the occasional couch cushion need to be sanitized when you have 4 dogs running around!

Built-In Coffee Maker: Featuring the Bosch Home Connect

Now, this is one product that I cannot relate with in all honestly, as I am not a fan of coffee, but my wife would not be able to get through her morning without it so it’s a part of my life for better or worse!

Even though I am not an avid user of the product, I absolutely appreciate its functionality and how convenient it makes life when someone needs a nice hot cup of Joe. Bosch, for example, utilizes their Home Connect technology that allows you to remotely program and produce your cup of coffee as soon as you wake up in the morning. One touch of your smartphone and you can hear the beautiful hum of the bean grinder starting before your feet even touch the floor. My palate for coffee is as basic as it comes but for those that are in need of a specific drink there are customizable settings that can modify the strength of the brew, the amount of coffee, the temperature and even being able to choose unique drinks from countries around the world.

Combination Steam Oven: Thermador Steam Convection Oven

One type of food that I have always had a hard time getting to come out as perfect as I would like is fish. Our oven at home is a traditional bake/broil oven like most people have installed in their kitchens.

Thermador has produced one of the largest capacity combination steam ovens that doesn’t compromise what you are able to fit into it. When you don’t have steam involved, there is a limit on how well baked goods, fish and even vegetables can be produced on a nightly basis. With its array of cooking modes – BROIL, STEAM, TRUE CONVECTION, STEAM AND CONVECTION – the options for producing delicious are endless!

One of the most intimidating dishes I have tried in my oven at home are baby back ribs. Trying to get that moist, juicy, fall of the bone meat paired with the crisp tasty crust finish around the edges of fat is not easy, and I, more often than not, have not lived up to expectations unfortunately. Being spoiled by my workplace and having the access to use our showroom steam oven during the day, it was almost unfair how easy and straightforward the Thermador oven makes cooking. First try, and the ribs came out 10x better then what I produced consistently out of my oven at home and that was what won me over.

Ventilation: Patented Vent-A-Hood venting system

Vent-A-Hood is tops when it comes to performance in this highly overlooked kitchen category. Most people take ventilation for granted but a good functioning hood keeps your cabinets from getting greasy, your house from smelling like the dinner you cooked 2 nights ago and most importantly, it is a protector of homes against kitchen fires.

Vent-A-Hood is an American company that began manufacturing residential hoods more than 80 years ago and they have not changed the way they do it since. What makes Vent-A-Hood so unique is that they physically spin the grease and particulates out of the air using a centrifuge.

Vent-A-Hood uses centrifugal force to extract the grease from the air using pressure. The blower traps all cooking contaminants, liquefies grease vapor, and removes heat-polluted air. The blower also combines sufficient air pressure and constant speed with centrifugal filtration. Because it doesn’t pull air through a filter it is the most efficient and quietest kitchen ventilation available today. See our blog entry on ventilation here.

Most importantly, Vent-A-Hood hood is the safest you can purchase. The Magic Lung® is the only residential kitchen ventilation system on the market today that prevents fire from spreading to the rest of the home. Constant speed creates centrifugal pressure that prevents fire from entering the duct work.

Our future Beyond the Basics blog series features will continue to highlight new appliances and categories that are born as companies experiment and innovate. The technological advances that we see today are astounding, with wi-fi connections, shapes (round cooktops – think Mongolian Wok), finishes (retro colors, black stainless steel and colored metallics) and who knows what will be next?! Just rest assured that Metropolitan Appliance will be there at the forefront with these products.  Keep an eye on this blog to keep up with the newest and the best appliances.

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