Speed Queen: A Legacy of Clean

When it comes to laundry, I think that we all could confidently say that we are not a fan? Who wants to do all that sorting, folding and putting away? Since there is not a Jetsons style laundry machine that does all of this for us, the next best thing is to find a machine as unobtrusive and reliable as possible so we never really have to think about the machine portion of the job. Enter Speed Queen.

Originally started as Barlow & Seeling Manufacturing in 1911, making electric washing machines safer and more efficient and marketing its first electric motor. As a brand name, Speed Queen was officially launched in 1922. By 1940, more than 60% of people have an electric washing machine (15 million homes) and many also have electric dryers. Speed Queen is in many of them. In 1980 smaller electronic components are added to domestic washing machines to consume as little energy as possible. Very little has changed on the Speed Queen washers and dryers in terms of appearance since the 1970’s. There have been updates to the components that make the washers and dryers more efficient, but the reliability and function have largely been left unchanged.

Now, there are options for Speed Queen that will allow them to keep up with other brands in terms of functionality and ease of use. Let’s explore the current Speed Queen collection.

As you can see in the above chart, you have some great options. The TR7 (TR7003WN) is the top of the line top load washer for Speed Queen with its 8 pre-set cycles, multiple load size selections, digital display (which differs from others in the industry as this display is designed and manufactured to last 25 years), and an industry beating 7 year warranty.

The TR5 (TR5003WN) and TR3 (TR3003WN) are both very similar machines. Keep in mind that all of these washing machines offer the quality of Speed Queen’s Solid Mount Suspension which gives above industry balance performance as well as less vibrations resulting in a longer machine life (and less noise irritation for you). There is also a durable stainless-steel tub that is gentler on your clothes and ensures long-lasting, dependable performance. What you are giving up in not going with the TR7 is only a few pre-set washing options, pre-wash and digital controls. We see a lot of customers go for either of these models, as they prefer a more analog experience than what the TR7 offers.

Now, the TC5 (TC5000WN) is unique. We like to call this Old School Cool. The TC5 offers a traditional classic agitator and transmission-driven wash action that produces an aggressive 210-degree stroke to remove tough stains fast. This is the machine that we see installed in quite a few instances such as people who get dirty often (think landscapers, construction workers, parents of kids who play football and soccer) and also people who just like things “the way they used to be.” This is as close as you will get to a washing machine that you grew up with. Once option that I like is that this machine will not lock you out while you are washing a load of laundry. Drop a sock on the way to the laundry room? Just open the lid and toss it in. Did someone (ahem! Your favorite child) hide a pair of pants that you just found once the laundry was started? Simple, just toss it in. I miss this feature in my washing machine and when I need a new one, I will certainly be looking at Speed Queen because of this feature.

When it comes to front load washing machines, which a lot of people prefer due to ease of use, Speed Queen released the FF7 (FF7008WN). This machine will be most similar to the TR7 above. Using a very similar electronic control panel, you will notice, however, it offers more options in terms of pre-set cycles, spin speed selection and accessibility. It also is available in a stainless steel which has proven very popular in other brands. You will also notice a bit larger capacity in this front load machine, simply due to the styling. A win-win all the way around.

Capacity, capacity, capacity! That is what everyone is looking for in an effective dryer and all of the Speed Queen dryers deliver in that aspect. What you will also notice is an up front lint trap on all models that is easy to clean and will ensure the continued efficiency and reliability of the dryers for years to come.

We see that the DR7 (DR7000WEElectric) (DR7000WGGas), which is the matching dryer for the TR7 washer, is the flagship dryer in the Speed Queen collection. This machine has features that include moisture sensing capabilities, an anti-wrinkle cycle, an eco cycle that reduces the temperature by 10% after the initial temperature selection has been made and other cycles that match up to the other dryers that they offer. Again, you have thie electronic digital control that is put through the same extensive testing and construction that the TR7 offers.

The DR5 (DR5000WEElectric) (DR5000WGGas) and the DR3 (DR3000WEElectric) (DR3000WGGas) are both very similar in terms of the cycles and the options that are offered. You will notice that the DR3 is more of a bare bones product that will work, and work reliably for years without some features that some people think are not necessary.

The DC5 (DC5000WE Electric) (DC5000WG Gas) dryer is the matching machine for the TC5 washing machine. This dryer is also one that harkens back to dryers that “Just work” and work for years.

The DF7 (DF7000SEElectric) (DF7000SG – Gas) is going to be the feature packed match for the FF7 washing machine. With the front digital control panel that offers exceptional accessibility, this industry leading dryer is sure to be able to handle any load of laundry that you can throw at it. Available in White or Stainless Steel.

For tighter spaces and smaller laundry rooms, this Speed Queen stacked, the SF7 (SF7003WEElectric) (SF7003WGGas) set will give you the same excellent performance and reliability that all the other non-stacked models. It is rare to find a stacked laundry unit that will offer you the features and cycles that are offered here. You will get 4 pre-set cycles on each the washer and dryer as well as soil level and spin speed selections on the washer and a moisture sensor and 4 auto dry cycles on the dryer.

When you are ready to review your options for laundry sets, make sure to come into Metropolitan Appliance in Seattle and check out our Speed Queen units that we have on display. Any one of our Appliance Specialists will be able to help with any additional questions you have. We hope to see you soon!

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