Introduction to Forza: Influenced by Italian Tradition

Have you ever wanted to hop into your range and take it to the racetrack? Of course not, but how would you like to have an Italian range in your home that evokes that feeling? What we are talking about is Forza (no, not the racing game), a new brand for us from Italy with the American market in mind. Not only are these ranges designed in Italy, but they are made there as well in Modena, the home of Maserati, Lamborghini and Pagani.

As you can see when you have a Lamborghini next to a Forza range, the design direction was clear.

Just wow! The first time our showroom saw the Forza range that we received, there was an audible gasp. This is far beyond the designs that we are used to in modern appliances. It is sleek, it is sexy (can an appliance be sexy?), and the best thing of all, it is extremely capable.

On all Forza appliances, there is a 2 year warranty that is covered by LUWA, which is our local distributor and servicer.


The beauty of these ranges is not only in the design, but it is in the details as well. Forza produces their Professional Gas Range in 30 inches, 36 inches and 48 inches. (A Dual Fuel option is coming in the second half of 2022) The top of the range is fully coated in porcelain which makes it extremely durable and very resistant to scratches, even on the bullnose, where you will see a majority of damage caused by daily use.

Above this porcelain cooktop is what Forza calls their Infinito™ Grate System. This is a cast iron, edge to edge grate with an integrated bullnose. That makes this the largest continuous, usable, cooking surface on any professional style range. If you look at the top of the Forza range compared to another professional style range, the difference is apparent and stunning! As someone who cooks for just about every meal, I can really see the benefit to having the grates cover the entire top of the range, giving you a much smoother, non-interrupted cooking surface.

Forza top of a 30″ range vs. the top of a Thermador range.

Another thing that stands out about this cooking surface versus others on the market, is the brass burners and the heat output. On all of their ranges, from the 30 inch to the 48 inch, you will have the front burners all match in their BTU range as well as the back burners. For example, let’s look at the 48 inch version.

This means all your high output burners that you will be searing and sauteing on are within easy reach. Given that these are dual flame burners, the front burners also are your simmering burners. With the simmering burner turned on, only the interior flame will ignite, giving you the perfect heat output to simmer your delicate sauces. Your back burners are your multi-purpose burners that can be used for anything. The 2,000 BTU output is great for simmering items like soups, stews and braises.

The knobs that control the range also evoke the Modera heritage of sports cars, with each of them having a red stripe indicator to control and easily see where your range or oven is set.

Front of the Forza 30″ range.

The oven on these ranges is brilliant and the first thing that caught our attention, after the design, is the oven door. While it does look cool with its sleek lines, the inside holds something special. The interior of the oven door has easily removable glass, which makes the door a breeze to keep clean and see-through. Add that as another feature that is brilliant and simple at the same time!

Easily removable interior glass for ease of cleaning.

Inside of the oven, there are three features that we should note. One is the broiler. Forza calls this the MassimoBlu™ Double Broiler and it is quite frankly, amazing. This broiler spans the width of the cavity, no matter the size that you choose, with an output of 18,000 BTU, it will outperform a traditional infrared broiler. The reason behind this is that it was specifically designed to heat evenly, giving you performance that will rival anything you will come across in a commercial kitchen. Below this, under the bottom of the range, is a 19,000 BTU baking burner that is more than enough for breads, delicate pastries, and succulent roast meats.

MassimoBlu broiler unit.

The second feature is only available on the 48 inch range, but it is the only oven in the world with it. The cavity of the oven on the 48 inch range is, how to put this… HUGE. It is the only oven in the world to span the entire width of the unit.

The cavernous interior of the 48″ Forza Professional Gas Range.

Look at the size of that thing! It is truly a sight to behold. I know I have always wanted to use the larger baking sheets that I find at commercial restaurant supply stores and with this, it is now feasible. The capacity of the cavity? 7.8 cubic feet. That rivals the capacity of the largest washing machine that GE sells. Truly an amazing feature.

The last feature is what Forza calls the MaxRotisserie. It is a 33 inch rod that connects to a high powered motor that can hold the largest cut of meat you can throw at it. It will bring anything you can do with your BBQ rotisserie into your kitchen.

The MaxRotisserie in the 48″ Forza Range.

Forza also offers a 30 inch and 36 inch range top that offers all the functionality of the top of the Professional Range.

I wanted to save color for last, as this is where you can make your range really stand out. The Forza gas range is available in seven different colors. The different colors really accentuate the lines and design of the range. When you have one of these in the kitchen, with the other Forza items, everything just comes together and really makes your kitchen stand out from the rest of the pack.

Available Colors (L to R): Audace Black, Dinamico Blue, Radicale Red, Ardente Orange, Ribelle Yellow, Valoroso White and Stainless Steel.

Wall Oven:

If you choose to go the route of a rangetop or if you just want to have extra baking space, Forza offers 2 wall ovens. One with a single wall oven and one with a double unit. You will see the same fantastically designed exterior.

Since these ovens are electric, you will see some different features on them compared to what you see in the oven cavity in the range. At the top of the oven is a digital control where you can precisely set to the proper temperature and setting.

Forza Single Wall Oven and matching Warming Drawer.

While this oven has a range of different cooking modes like convection bake, convect-roast, bake, grill, and broil, there is one setting that stands out. Pizza! While this will not heat to those insane temperatures that you would get on a pizza oven, it still offers a temperature setting of 590 degrees, which is far higher than most ovens in a traditional kitchen.

The interior racks are rolling racks, which means they are on tracks of ball bearings that make these racks glide easily in and out. The racks are also adjustable. As seen in the image above, there is a warming drawer that is also available to complete your wall kitchen unit.


To top off the entire kitchen aesthetic, Forza does ventilation as well. As we have seen in the other items that they offer, the hoods are designed to match the range and the wall oven.

Angle of Range Hood to see detail.

I wanted to include the photo above to illustrate the design. There is a cut in detail above the front rim of the hood. The hoods come in two different heights, 18 inches and 24. The one that is shown is a 24 inch height.

The 30 inch width will move 600 cubic feet of air per minute, or 600 CFM. This number goes up to 1200 CFM in the 36 and 48 inch versions. 600 CFM is generally good enough for a 30 inch range, however, depending on how you cook, you may want to consider getting a larger hood, which we actually recommend, to collect more air and to better clean your air.


TThe final item in the Forza line is their dishwasher. This is a standard sized, non-ADA, meaning that it is 34 inches tall and 24 inches wide and will fit in most American kitchens. It is an exceptionally quiet dishwasher at 45 decibels, which is going to be quieter than a normal conversation in your home or the sound of a quiet suburb. This is in line with Bosch dishwashers in terms of the sound. Included are 6 wash cycles and a double drying system that ensures that your dishes are not only clean when they come out, but dry as well. This Dishwasher is also panel ready! That means that you can order the exact panel from Forza to match the rest of your appliances, or you can work with your cabinet maker to make a panel that will seamlessly integrate into you kitchen making your dishwasher virtually invisible.

One of the features on this dishwasher that is pretty neat, is that it has a self-cleaning filter. We all know that dishwasher filters can get pretty clogged up with gunk, so having a filter that is self-cleaning is really wonderful. Two other features of note are the three rack system, which has fold down tines to allow you to place larger items in the base rack. This dishwasher also has an LED lit interior, which not a lot of other manufacturers offer.

I don’t know that we have been this excited for a product launch in a while. While the design is drastically different on Forza items, they are also dependable as well very functional with features that are hard pressed to be found in other items in their price range. Given the current constraints in the appliance industry, availability on these Forza items are really great right now in the first part of 2022. If you want to learn more, please contact our Seattle showroom by text at 206-623-8811, or chat with us on our website at

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